NCMC 2022

The Nordic Cycle Messenger Championships are returning after a small break and we are more than excited to welcome everyone to the happiest country in the world!

Fixed Royale will take place alongside NCMC so there will also be fixed gear specific events during the weekend. This competition is a long-standing tradition in the Finnish messenger and fixed gear community where new champions have been crowned since the early 2000’s. The current reigning champions of the kingdom will host this exceptional weekend of  messenger and fixed gear love where all cyclists are beautiful.

In addition to spectacular weather, we hope to offer all attendants the warmest sauna experiences in the most authentic Finnish surroundings. In addition to numerous construction sites, the main race area will be surrounded by buildings designed by one of the most influential architects in Finland. To achieve best physical achievements at races we will also try our best to keep everyone well hydrated. Beer in Finland is not only naturally refreshing but also always ice cold.

Registration is open! Stay tuned for more updates and info!

Event Schedule

Thursday 18.8

Friday 19.8

  • 13:00 -> Registration at Honkaluoto Mustikkamaantie 4
  • 14:00 -> Sauna at Honkaluoto ALL DAY LONG
  • 19:00 Alleycat info at Honkaluoto
  • 20:00 Alleycat start at Honkaluoto
  • 22:00 Alleycat finish at Honkaluoto
  • 22:00 -> Party at Honkaluoto

Saturday 20.8

  • 10:00 -> Registration open at Otaniemi
  • 11:00 Fixed Royale races at Otaniemi:
    • Trackstand
    • Backward circles
    • Skid
    • Hands free sprint
  • 14:00 Mainrace info at Otaniemi 
  • 15:00 – 18:00 Mainrace at Otaniemi
  • 18:30 Footdown at Otaniemi
  • 21:00 Prize ceremony and party at Sir Oliver (Haapaniemenkatu 14)

Sunday 21.8

  • 12:00 Groupride start at Pyöräpaja
  • 13:00 Open forum and picnic at Lapinlahti